This is the Author’s Blog for discussion of Levolution.

Levolution is a new book by me, Michael Gunter, that contains some revolutionary ideas about energy, the entropic project of the universe, and the cosmos that has been built  by the process of Levolution, as it sequentially made about 23 levels of organization.  Every material thing in the universe is composed of parts, and is also composed of what we might call ordered energy.  Generally every material thing is both a whole composed of parts, and is also a part of some larger whole.  Arthur Koestler gave us this view as the Holarchy of Living Nature.  It happens to describe the effect of Levolution, which by the two mechanisms of Thermodynamic Natural Selection and the universal version of adaptive evolution, have evolved wholes into the differentiated and integrated parts of a larger whole.  It has caused the development of the sequential series of holosystems on the various levels.  Sound thermodynamics underlies the whole thing, and cosmology will never be the same.


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